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Maria Pinińska-Bereś - An Observation Point of the Changes in Art

Maria Pinińska-Bereś, An Observation Point of the Changes in Art, Warcino 1978, photo from family archive

„An Observation Point of the Changes in Art” was first realized by Maria Pinińska-Bereś during a summer open air workshop under a slogan „Plein air of questions / Plein air of answers”in Warcin in 1978. Then a reduced form of it was performed a in March 1978 within the exhibition „The sculpture 1978”. The installation was hanged on the wall of the BWA in Cracow (today Bunkier Sztuki). The realization in Sokołowsko in 2014 is the third one. The piece was created with a view to artists, critics, theorist and art lovers.


Marcin Polak - Photoperformance

Fictional stories made up on facts based in the history of Sokolovsko. Staged and performend in the local settings. The artists participating in the Festival will play the parts of the famous historical figures of Sokolovsko. The work is being realised together with the people of Sokolovsko.


Contexts 2014 - The 4th International Sokolovsko Festival of Ephemeral Art - 18-22.07